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People you know…

"Simonetta’s songs are bright and deeply spiritual – the more you listen to them, the more moving they become. ’Children of God’ is a pro-life song you’ll never forget."

Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR

Best-selling author, beloved TV personality & international speaker

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"I believe that this music could be an important first step back to the Faith, for many non-practicing Catholics as it is filled with truth, in an uplifting and consoling setting. I recommend it wholeheartedly. "

Fr. John A Hardon, S.J.

Prolific & respected author, teacher & retreat master

Bud MacFarlane Jr., M.I.

Founder and director of CatholiCity and the Mary Foundation (the largest producer of Catholic audio tapes in the U.S.A.). Author of the "Best-Selling" Catholic book in America, "Pierced by a Sword"

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"WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC?  trust me: Simonetta's talent is the real thing."

  • Bud calls the music "inspired", "spiritual", and "prayerful". 

  • "It lends itself to daily listening."

  • The production quality is first rate."

  • "A tremendous singer."
  • "One of the great Catholic artists today,  in the United States."
  • "I've been truly blessed by her music."

Jeff Cavins

Host of EWTN's wildly popular young adult television program, "Life on the Rock", author, teacher and speaker

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It’s amazing!

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People of all ages and walks of life have been moved by this music.

People like you…

What Catholics like you have to say:

"My brother has just made a major conversion. You see he has had an alcohol problem for some years. …I played your tape and when "The Beauty that You Are" played he cried like a baby. It touched his heart"(name withheld)


"Your CD is touching everyone like an arrow straight from God’s bow. We listened to Simonetta during procedures at St. Mary’s Hospital in St. Louis and we were all in tears." (Jeff Mathews, St. Louis, MO.)


"A Church acquaintance of mine...was crying and troubled..[grieving the death of a good friend]…The next day[after giving her your CD]] she waited for me especially to tell me your music did the trick. She said she listened to it all day and it helped her get through her grief and she felt a message in it for her. (Fran Valentine)


"When you sing so tenderly, gently, it’s the type of music that stays in our hearts

and minds all day- like Latin and Gregorian Chant used to. (Vivian Stephens)

"You opened a door that led me to acceptance of God’s mercy and love and I am forever grateful. The resulting freedom and deepened relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit are indescribable. Please keep writing music and witnessing especially for us prodigals. Again and again - THANK YOU! (Amalia Scotland MD)

"After listening to your beautiful music, I knew I had to send something. Enclosed find $10. …being a teenager, I listen to all types of music, but when I listen to your music, I get this wonderful feeling. No other music really affects me and definitely not in a religious way". (Paul, South Dakota)


"When I listen to your music I am truly touched by the grace that comes from listening to the beautiful creation that God had brought forth through you. I praise God for that grace and I sincerely thank you for being open to receive it and share it." (Alan, a seminarian in Minnesota)


"I know that your music will reach many. We hope that the families we share your music with will find the strength and courage to continue on in their fight."

(Greg Wunderle of ‘Anthony’s Angels’)


"Words can’t tell you how moved we were, emotionally & spiritually."

(Rose Marie. Chicago)


"It brought so much healing to me. I gave one to a friend who also had the same experience. Words cannot express the feelings we both experienced."

(Mary Jo, Massachusetts)


"I want you to know that it has strengthened my faith. I think the words are beautiful and truly inspiring. I listen to the CD every morning on my way to work as my prayer time." (Kathy, Indiana)


"I have been playing your tape constantly and have received many blessings from it. All the songs are beautiful…" (Anne, New York)


"Each song text is like a poem that brings an endless faith, hope and love of God to one’s heart and mind." (Sr. Theresa, Chicago)


"I am 72 years old and heard you sing. It was beautiful and touched my soul." (Kathleen Massens, NY)


"What a treasure. You are a bright shining light in the midst of this dark world. (Sr. Meredes, Chicago)


"Wow!!! Your songs are real prayer of the heart." (William Goltz, WI)


"I love your music so much. It is so peaceful and gentle. Every time that I play your album I am encouraged to strive for holiness. (Joel Padia, Trinidad, WI)


"There was something about your songs that helped me focus on what I’ve been trying to do. There’s a purity there – I don’t know if it comes from the time you spend with Our blessed Lord, but it does shine through. (Marylee, Warren, OH)


"There aren’t enough words to describe the joy I felt listening to your music.

(Cecilia Lamb, email

"God has gifted Simonetta with both physical beauty and a beautiful, inviting, inspiring voice. I think of her as a total package, a gifted and gracious woman whose songs have a unique ability to touch the "worship button" in me, and in my children. At least once a day I find myself unconsciously singing the refrain to one or more of her songs. My favorite is "You are the One" which has become an integral part of my daily prayer. Humming it while I work is now like breathing for me. I love that song!

- Bill Keenan – Rochester, NY

"So many messages he gives to us through that beautiful music!…Your music says what souls like mine yearn to say…these are meditative, grace-filled songs in which I can see the weavings of Him who carried you. When I first listened to the CD, I was awestruck. I had heard some of the songs in the past, but to hear one song after another, in each one’s final format, and the portrait it painted of your soul so in love with God, and not afraid to let others see the deep longing that you have for Him. It was a beautiful and Grace-filled moment. And for (my husband) to be with me, and listen with me, that was truly amazing!!! He asked me for an extra tape so that he could keep it in his truck. (That in itself is a miracle! Religious music in his truck!?!?!)."

- Anonymous – IL

You see, I am very, very picky about music, and yet I found this to be very, very good. Simonetta has a magnificently strong and yet tender voice -- reminds me of Anne Murray or Carly Simon. And the folksy flavor of her music separates it from so much of the religious, syrupy mush that's out there. Great chord progressions; very "hummable" tunes. Serenely meditative.

- Dave Shaneyfelt – Santa Paula, CA