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Father Benedict Groeschel (1933-2014)
Sim and Father Groeschel

The co-founder of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and former host to EWTN’s Sunday Night Prime died Oct. 3, the vigil of his patron, St. Francis of Assisi, at age 81.

- The National Catholic Register

We are deeply saddened to have lost our beloved Fr. Benedict, but are overjoyed to have gained a likely saint in heaven. While we await the Church's perspective on this to unfold, we ask that you join us in praying the Rosary for Fr. Groeschel and as often as possible, please pray the Rosary with him through our recordings where he lives on in a tangible and powerful way.

- The Saint Philomena Foundation

Simonetta and FourEver on EWTN's "Life on the Rock"

Simonetta and FourEver appeared recently on the popular EWTN program "Life on the Rock" with Fr. Mark and Doug Barry. In case you missed the program or want to rewatch it with family and friends the show is available online.

Simonetta and FourEver - "Ineffable"
Simonetta and FourEver Simonetta and her girls Anna, Simonetta Marie, Helen & Mary are now singing together under the name of Simonetta and FourEver. They have recorded a new CD thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now you can have the latest from Simonetta and FourEver and their inaugural album "Ineffable" a collection of beautiful, Catholic, sacred polyphony sure to lift your spirits. There is much more information on the FaceBook project page. You can also keep up to date on their new website:, or follow them on Twitter at @Simonetta4Ever.
Albums Available for Download on CDBaby
King of the Golden City on CD
King of the Golden City The book, “King of the Golden City” became an interest while I was finishing up the recording of the album “Keep Your Eyes on the Beloved”. It was a story that I had read to my children and I found so much meaning in it for myself, that I truly fell in love with both the story and Dilecta. I was Dilecta at different times in my life and I could relate to her and her trials and growth. After I decided to record “King of the Golden City”, I began writing, but didn’t finish, a new song. It was only later that I realized this song was born of the book and thus as I recorded the book I was able to finish writing the song, “Dilecta”. Recording the book gave me such an opportunity to be immersed more deeply into its story. I then saw that this book had even more depth to it and I knew there was such a great beauty in this beautiful Catholic story that I wanted to share it with everyone. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I do, and I hope that it deepens your spiritual life as you walk on your journey to some day come to see the “King of the Golden City”.
Faith, Hope, and Love,
    - Simonetta
Faith On My Sleeve
Faith on My Sleeve Be Not Afraid!
We can wear our Faith on our sleeve to the depths it exists in our hearts! If at Confirmation, we become Soldiers of Christ: then we should go out and fight for Him with Love being our sword and the Rosary our shield, never looking back, ever moving forward, towards Him.
Find solace in the interior life, be comforted by God's ineffable Love, and be bold in showing your love for Him, because one person can change the world: You!
Faith, Hope, and Love,
    - Simonetta
The Rosary Is A Place
The Rosary is a Place

Heard nightly on WEWN - Global Catholic Radio and Sirius Satellite radio

Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR is our nation's pre-eminent Franciscan author, speaker and Catholic television personality. Simonetta is one of America's best-loved, Catholic musical artists. Together they have created a beautiful, prayerful, thought-provoking, spiritual journey through the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary. Deepen your love of the Rosary with your own copy of "The Rosary is a Place".
The Luminous Mysteries from the Saint Philomena Foundation
The Rosary is a Luminous Place "The Rosary is a Luminous Place" follows up "The Rosary is a Place", Simonetta's first Rosary recording with Fr. Groeschel. This new recording presents the Luminous Mysteries instituted by Pope John Paul II. The wonderful, prayerful style of "The Rosary is a Place" is continued with "The Rosary is a Luminous Place" bringing these new mysteries to life in a way that make you want to listen and pray over and over. You can order your own copy of this new CD by clicking here.
Please help repair Saint Philomena's Shrine in Mugnano, Italy
ALT TEXT GOES HERE The Sanctuary in Mugnano del Cardinale was a monument to Our Lady, this is such a very special church because within it rests the sacred remains of our Dear Little Saint, Philomena. This house of God is asking for help from those who love Philomena. Major repair to the dome (which is situated in front of the high altar) is desperately needed. The cost is $70,000 and they have only the $10,000 with which thay have initiated the work. The Sanctuary is not a parish and does not have the income of a parish and without a congregation of parishioners to defend her: the Sanctuary is run on faith and the donations of those who want Saint Philomena's resting place to remain an eternal refuge for those who love her. Please visit the Official Archconfraternity of St. Philomena's website for more information and to make a donation to ensure the necessary repairs to our dear saint's resting place are completed.